The development of these domains has been done in recent years after the creation of the institute of the breast.

Conferences :

I co-organized two international conferences in senology:

2011In Strasbourg in June 2011, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the International Society of Senology (SIS) by Professor Charles Marie Gros, in the presence of the president of the SIS, Dr. Ezio Novais Dias, and the president of the ISS-SIS Dr. Ruben Orda 2013  

ƒRƒIn Obernai in october 2013

Des  journées des  instituts ont été organisées en commun avec l’Institut d’oncologie de l’Orangerie sur la prise en charge du cancer du sein en 2012  et en 2014.

Scientific work:

I have delivered many presentations in national and international conferencesand have overseen the making of a video clip on breast reconstruction with TRAM flap.
I also have participated in the writing of a book that was published internationally, where I wrote a chapter on treating complications of TRAM as well as a very recent publication in an international review that discussed the use of CT angiography after preparation and before reconstruction with TRAM.

Teaching :

Many partnerships have been established with our institute to welcome intern breast surgeons from overseas, in particular with the following hospitals:

The Sirio-Libanes Hospital from Sao Paulo, Brazil (Pr Alfredo Barros)

Hospital of Recife, Brazil (Pr Antonio Figueiro Filho)

Hospital of Salvador, Brazil (Pr Ezio Novais Dias)

The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Pr Roberto Vieira)

The University of Asuncion, Paraguay, where I have become an honorary teacher (Pr Ricardo Abed)

Breast surgeons from Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Vietnam, China, USA and France have come to the institute for internships that lasted from a few days up to three months (clic sur galerie de phtos ac commetnaires)

 I also travelled to give practical teaching with surgical demonstrations to Aracaju, Brazil in 2011 (Conference for the Latin American Federation of Senology) to Barretos, Brazil, in 2012 and 2013 (oncoplastic workshops), to Asuncion, Paraguay in 2013 (oncoplastic workshop) and to Chongqing, China, in 2014 and 2015 (oncoplastic conferences).